Switching Up Your Scene

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Sitting at my desk at home was getting me nowhere. I thought I had everything set for optimal productivity and creativity. Yet, as the weeks passed I realized I was completing my tasks without any heart and only my head. I was avoiding doing any thoughtful work like finally writing my first blog post for my new website. Ahem… this post that is.

Then it hit me, I needed to change my physical setting in order to bring out a mental shift. I needed to pull myself out of my daily routine and placement in order to start the process of thinking differently and bringing out a new perspective. Where would I do that? I needed a new “alternative office”.

20 years ago I graduated from American University in Washington DC. Last year our family returned to the DC area settling about 10 mins up the road from AU. Since graduating the campus has undergone a drastic transformation. I’ll save the story as to why I was on campus earlier this week for another time, for now all you need to know is that I stumbled on a recent addition of a new campus coffee shop. Central casting couldn’t have done a better a job at filling swivel chairs and benches at reclaimed wood tables. Turntables, art books and chalkboard walls adorn the space and what was once an ignored corner of campus was alive and buzzing with hope.

That’s what I needed. A place where dreams were born and lead to water. A place where reality did not exists, rather hope and determination were nurtured. I needed to be reminded that even at 41 years old I am still allowed to explore and wonder. This is where I found the drive and inspiration needed to write this first post.

Feeling stuck? Feeling unmotivated? Get up, change your scene and it will change everything.



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