Personal Branding

What is Personal Branding Photography?

Personal branding photography is about capturing who you are, what you do and what makes you and your brand unique.

Look closely. Are people seeing what you want them to see?

Taking care of your digital footprint is a golden opportunity to get more customers, attract potential employers and increase your business.

If you are someone who has already leveraged social media by organically growing a base, a shoot will significantly enhance your brand. If you are at the beginning stages of starting your business, having the right imagery is an imperative step to send the proper message to your clients.

This is an investment in YOU and YOUR business that can be the difference between standing out or merely becoming part of the crowd.


It's a story of me, Hillary Summerbell. How and why I do what I do. How I stay balanced in creation inside, in my personal life & in my business.

Hillary Summerbell, Owner, Sanctuary Interior Design


Why is Personal Branding Photography Important?

Personal branding photography gives you a chance to tell the world that you take your business seriously and show your network who you are. Allow your followers and fans a glimpse into your lifestyle so they can feel like they know you better.

Using photography to reinforce your personal brand is one of the most effective ways to enhance your positioning as an expert and instantly connect with your fans, readers or customers.


People are starting to realize that employers and clients are interested in more than paper resumes. They're looking at social footprints, personal development outside the office, desiring well-rounded humans whose outside interests can help color office culture.

Erin Newsome, National Geographic Television


I work with my clients to create 100+ magazine quality images that speak to who they are and what they put out to the world. It is an amazing experience where everything is planned out for you.

With hair and makeup on set the entire day and a driver to take us where we need to go, all you have to do is be YOU!

Are you ready to take your brand
to the next level and show the
world how serious you take your business?


The materials from the branding session will elevate my business website, become the core of my personal website, and be used to connect the themes on both of those sites visually with my social media profiles. Social media is the link between your personal and business personas. These professional photos will help me build that connective thread.

Sue Zoldak, The Zoldak Agency